The Short Score: Crossfire Rule Update
The crossfire is the most controversial call in ProRodeo, and when the rule changed May 1, 2023, listeners of The Short Score had some questions. Harry Rose and Wesley Thorp both join this episode to clear things up.

It comes as no surprise that the initial episode of The Short Score on the PRCA’s new crossfire rule drew a lot of attention., considering it’s the most controversial call in rodeo. In hopes of answering some questions listeners had regarding the rule, we met with Pro Official Harry Rose who has flagged the team roping at the NFR 21 times.

We also caught up with 2019 World Champion Heeler Wesley Thorp to go into more detail on writing the new rule and the entire proposal process. Thorp played a significant role in the entire process of the rule change and also held a seminar last fall at his house in Texas where judges and contestants came together to work on a solution to the controversial call.

Listen Here:

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