Theriot and Curry Steal Southeastern Circuit Finals Average Win with 5-second Lead
Marcus Theriot and Cole Curry dominated at the Southeastern Circuit Finals Rodeo in Davie Florida after roping two head in 10.0 seconds, worth $3,446 a man.

Marcus Theriot, 23, headed for his cousin Cole Curry, 20, to dominate the field at the Southeastern Circuit Finals at the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds in Davie, Florida, Jan. 22–23, 2021, to qualify them to the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo.

Theriot and Curry added $3,446 to each of their earnings after roping two head in 10.0 seconds, which was 5 seconds quicker than the No.2 team of Keven Daniel and Morgan Jones who roped two head in 15 seconds.

“It felt really good to be able to win the average because last time I went I didn’t catch one,” said Theriot, who is now No. 1 in the ProRodeo heading world standings with $11,373.50 in total earnings. “It was a lot better feeling getting the buckle for catching the most, the fastest.”

“This was my first year,” said Curry, who attends East Mississippi Community College. “I was definitely nervous.”

The cousin-team were the first team to rope in the first round of the team roping and placed second with a 5.1-second-run, worth $1,723 a man, on a steer that left the chute running.

“Whenever I’m first out in an average deal I think you just try not to beat yourself by breaking a barrier or messing up,” Theriot said. “He actually left there running entirely harder than what I thought he was going to. I just reacted and reached. I had a feeling that the average was going to be easy, but it was almost like I just reacted before thinking and we were able to win second in the round on one that ran pretty hard.”

How-To: Roping to Win in an Average

Theriot and Curry were the second to last team to rope in the second round and knew that they just needed a clean catch to win the average. They roped their steer in 4.9-seconds to win the round, worth $2,297 a man.

“I knew that I could probably just go catch and have a great chance to win the average, but with $2,300 go-rounds, it was almost worth taking a small chance,” Theriot said.

Theriot headed on his horse Gato, 11, who he will be heading on at the CINCH Timed Event Championships at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, March 11 through March 13, 2021.

Full List of 2021 Cinch Timed Event Championships Contestants 

“He always seems to give me the same chance,” Theriot said. “He’s pretty consistent on what he does. He’s not the very best that I’ve ever had, but he does give me the same deal every time.”

Curry heeled on a 6-year-old bay gelding named Pistol, that his family raised.

“I mainly ride him at the rodeos because we won’t get by the corner and he’s pretty cowy. My dad started him, and I started riding him the past two years.”

To top off their weekend in Florida, Theriot managed to win the All-Around title after placing second in the average in the calf-roping with a time of 16.8 seconds on two head, worth $2,584, which also put him in the No. 1 spot in the all-around PRCA world standings with a total of $15,967.83 in 2021 ProRodeo season earnings.

“I was third to last to rope in the calf roping and just made my run and ended up getting beat in the average,” Theriot said. “I was pretty bummed because I wanted to go to the RAM Finals in both events. When it came down to the team roping I knew I was going to try and roll the dice and for sure make the RAM (National Circuit) Finals.”

Full Results: 

First Round:

1. Justin Yost and Brady Barretine, 5.0 seconds, worth $2,297 each

2. Marcus Theriot and Cole Curry, 5.1 seconds, worth $1,723 each

3. Travis Dorman and Chris Soto, 5.3 seconds, worth $1,149 each 

4. Zach Kilgus and Jake Edwards, 6.0 seconds, worth $574 each

Second round: 

1. Marcus Theriot and Cole Curry, 4.9 seconds, worth $2,297 each

2. Keven Daniel and Morgan Jones, 5.0 seconds, worth $1,723 each 

3. Justin Johnson and Chase Graves, 5.5 seconds, worth $1,149 each 

4. Clint Summers and Britt Bockius, 5.6 seconds, worth $574 each 


1. Marcus Theriot and Cole Curry, 10.0 seconds on two head, worth $3,446 each

2. Keven Daniel and Morgan Jones, 15.0 seconds on two head, worth $2,584 each 

3. Clint Summers and Britt Bockius, 15.9 seconds on two head, worth $1,723 each 

4. Whit Harper and Jason Hill, 18.6 seconds on two head, worth $861 each

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