Toole Hangs onto No. 1 During December Shakeup of the Cinch Ladies Standings
Georgia’s Sarah Toole still leads, but USTRC Cinch Ladies Standings spots 2, 3 and 4 are occupied by newcomers heading into 2021.

1. Sarah Toole

Rydal, Georgia’s 16-year-old Toole, a 5/4 switch ender, earned her No. 1 ranking in the standings back in August with $5,905 in winnings on both ends at the USTRC Alabama Championships, produced by Allen’s Roping Productions in Montgomery, Alabama. While her nearly $3,000 lead over the competition has dwindeled, she still maintains a significant jump on the rest of the leaderboard by almost $2,000.

NHSRA’s Sarah Toole Tackles Big Breakaway Opportunities

Sarah Toole Takes Early Lead in Cinch Ladies Standings

2. Jamie Townsend

Townsend, from Aztec, New Mexico, introduced herself to the standings with a $3,750-win in the #10.5 at the USTRC Texas Special in Decatur, produced by X-Treme Team Roping on Sunday, Dec. 6. The 4 header partnered with Brad Foster to rope four in 40.43 seconds for a team total of $7,500. Townsend, 35, also earned $250 from the eighth hole with Cole Davis in the #9.5, putting her total USTRC earnings at $4,000 for the No. 2 spot.

3. Cassidy Boggs

Boggs took the No. 3 spot in the standings when she also competed in December’s USTRC Texas Special in Decatur. A 4.5/4 switch ender from Stephenville, Texas, Boggs, 29, won her total $3,515 heading in the #12.5 and the #11.5. In each, she placed second—first roping with Sampson Jackson and earning a team total of $3,530 when the pair pulled four tight in 39.35 seconds, then roping four in 38.2 seconds with heeler Colton Tate for a team total of $3,500.

4. Madison Haley

Haley—Texas’s other Top 5 roper—hails from Canyon and earned her No. 4 spot at the Sulphur Springs USTRC Northeast Texas Winter Classic in December. The 21-year-old, 5 header earned money in the #13.5 (where she also won the Short-Go Fast Time), the #11.5 and the #10.5. In the #13.5, Haley and Brandon Phillips took down four in 30.7 seconds, worth a team total of $3,040, plus $100 each for their fast time. Then, the team of Haley and Ryan Hood earned $920 from the fourth spot in the #11.5, which she followed up by taking second with heeler Humphrey Cockrell in the #10.5, which earned the team $2,500 and second place for roping four in 31.55 seconds, meaning Haley heads into the new year with standings earnings worth $3,330.

5. Holly Ricken

Ricken, 43, of Boone, Colorado, hangs onto the Top 5 at No. 5, with $2,960 in earnings, though she was bumped three spots from No. 2. Her $2,960 in USTRC earnings were won by the 5 header at October 2020’s Southern Colorado Classic in Florence, Colorado, when she partnered with Sage Bader to rope four in 31.67 seconds for first place, including a short-go fast time of 7.18 seconds, for a team total of $5,920. n

2021 Cinch High Money

Ladies Award

Current rules, per the USTRC: For the award in April 2021, winnings will be counted from USTRC Signature Events beginning Aug. 22, 2020, through March 31, 2021. Also included are any winnings at the US Finals in April. This will determine the winning header and heeler to be announced at the conclusion of the Finals event.

USTRC Cinch Ladies Standings Top 10 (as of 1.11.21)

Rank/ Winnings Roper Home Town

1. $5,905,  Sarah Toole, Rydal, Georgia

2. $4,000,  Jamie Townsend, Aztec, New Mexico

3. $3,515,  Cassidy Boggs, Stephenville, Texas

4. $3,330,  Madison Haley, Canyon, Texas

5. $2,960,  Holly Ricken, Boone, Colorado

6. $2,850,  Quincy Sullivan, Peralta, New Mexico

7. $2,630,  Maddie Johnson, Montgomery, Alabama

8. $1,860,  Kim Duncan, Cleveland, Tennessee

9. $1,765,  Kayla Morris, Pima, Arizona

10. $1,760,  Kenzie Gordon, Florence, Colorado

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