Ladies Standings are Lit 
The headers of the USTRC Cinch Ladies standings have arrived and all new competitors for the season have three spots in the Top 5. In the heeling, one standings newcomer entered into the already-established three-way tied for third.
Sally Ball during the third day of the Women’s Rodeo World Championships October 29 2021 . Photo by Josh Homer/Bull Stock Media. Photo credit must be given on all uses.

Top 5 Takeaways

Texas’ Glover Coats has ceded her season-long occupancy as the No. 1 USTRC Cinch Ladies header to Florida’s Tracy Nelson, who now leads with 35 points. Alabama’s Carrie Blanton also made her introduction to the race with 34 points to assume command of the No. 2 position in the standings. Coats’ 32 points now occupy the third-place position with standings newcomer and fellow Texan Anna Gregory just two points behind in fourth. Iowa’s Kay Stevens’ 27 points that were good for second last month keep her in the Top 5 for now.

In the heeling, the No. 1 and No. 2 spots remain in possession of Kansas’ Staci Mitchell and Virginia’s Sally Ball, respectively. Behind them, however, Kansas’ Sherry Robinson joined Taylor Proesch of Iowa, West Virginia’s Makayla Osborne and Virginia’s Rylie Heath in a now four-way, 9-point tie for third.  

The Winnings


In early June, McDavid, Florida’s Tracey Nelson started her winning season with a third-place, 8-point finish in the #9.5 at the Florida Panhandle Championships. When she hit the Alabama Championships in late July, she placed third in the #10.5, fifth in the #9.5 and fourth in the #8.5 for a total of 21 points. Then, with the 6 points she earned at August’s Alabama Classic for a fifth-place finish in the #9.5, she’d amassed a No. 1-worthy spot in the standings with 35 points.

Just a shy point behind, No. 2 header Carrie Blanton of Mathews, Alabama, also began her season at the Florida Panhandle Championships with a third-place, 8-point finish, albeit in the #7, and continued on to the Alabama Championships for a first-place win worth 10 points in the #8.5. The next week, she won third place and 8 points in the Southern States Classic’s #7 USTRC Prize, and then wrapped up the month with one more third-place win and 8 points in the Alabama Classic’s #9.5. 

With 30 well-earned points for the No. 4 spot, Amarillo, Texas’ Anna Gregory put her whole efforts to work at the Guthrie Oklahoma Championships in July. There, she roped in the #12.5 Legends for second place and 9 points, the #11.5 for third and 8, and in the #11.5 Legends for fourth- and fifth-place finishes worth 13 points total. 


The lone newcomer to the Top 5 heelers is Sherry Robinson of Cimarron, Kansas, who earned second place and 9 points in the #9.5 Legends at July’s Colorado Championships. The 9 points are worth third place in the standings, which she shares in a tie with three other heelers.

USTRC Cinch Ladies
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