USTRC’s Resistol Jr Race Heats Up Down South
New this year, the USTRC’s Resistol Jr Champion program hits its stride in the South, as Alabama header Aiden Perrett takes an early lead, while Georgia’s Houston Childers and Texas’ Kelby Frizzell are tied for first on the heel side.
USTRC’s Resistol Jr
New this year, the USTRC’s Resistol Jr Champion program hits its stride in the South, as Alabama header Aiden Perrett takes an early lead, while Georgia’s Houston Childers and Texas’ Kelby Frizzell are tied for first on the heel side.
No. 1 Resistol Jr Header Aiden Perrett with No. 3 Heeler Brit Smith after winning the Florida Pandhandle Championships #8.5.

The young guns of roping have hit the ground running. As of June 27, Alabama header Aiden Perrett boasts 74 points, while Georgia’s Houston Childers and Texas’ Kelby Frizzell start out in a dead heat as the No. 1 heelers with 46 points. 

Aiden Perrett, 15, of Luverne, Alabama, set the month of June ablaze when he entered up in the Florida Panhandle Championships and earned five checks in four divisions—three of which were for first place. With 10 points earned in the #11.5, #9.5 and #8.5, plus 9 and 8 points earned in the #10.5 Slide Add On, the 5 header claimed an impressive 47 points out the gate. He then roped at the North Alabama Championships, where he took 10 points for a first-place finish in the #12.5, 8 points for third place in the #11.5, and 9 points for second place in the #8.5. Altogether, he’s taken a considerable lead with 74 points.

Occupying the No. 3 spot in the standings is 5 header Cooper Stone with 27 points earned in entirety at June’s North Alabama Championships. Stone, who celebrated his 17th birthday in July, took first place and 10 points in both the #11.5 and #10.5, the same roping in which he also placed fourth for seven points. He holds a very narrow lead over Tomah, Winsconsin’s Dylan Breitsprecher, just 1 point behind him in fourth place.

Walker Guy of Waynesville, North Carolina, follows Perrett in second place with a respectable 56 points. In May, he earned three checks and 27 points at the North Carolina Championships when he won first place in the #10.5, third in the #9.5, and second in the #8.5. Then, in June, the 15-year-old 5 header earned another 29 points when he took the top two holes in the #12.5 for 19 points and won the #10.5 Slide for another 10 points. 

On the heel side, Houston Childers of Fairmount, Georgia, and Kelby Frizzell of Sterling City, Texas, are tied for No. 1 with 46 points. Childers, 13, warmed up at May’s North Carolina Championships with a third-place finish in the #10.5, worth 8 points. The 5 heeler then headed to June’s Florida Panhandle Championships, where he won the #9.5 for 10 points and finished second in the #11.5 for 9 points. He then roped at the South Carolina Championships, where he again earned 19 points for his #9.5 win and #12.5 second-place finish.

Meanwhile, Frizzell—a 7 heeler who turned 16 in July—dazzled by earning his 46 points at the West Texas Championship. There, he won 10 points in both the #15.5 and the #12.5, in which he also placed second for 9 points. He took another second and 9 points in the #12.5 Fortune, and then clinched a third-place finish in the #11.5, worth 8 points.

In hot pursuit of Childers and Frizzell is McDavid, Florida’s Brit Smith with 43 points. Smith’s season started at the Florida Panhandle Championships, where the 15-year-old 4 heeler won 10 points and a first-place check in the #8.5, in which he also took third for 8 points. He earned another 8 points for his third-place finishes in the #11.5 and the #9.5, too. Then, when he went to the North Alabama Championships, he took 9 points and a second-place check in the #8.5. Smith holds an equally narrow lead over the No. 4 heeler, Dean Sherbo of Acampo, California, who follows with 40 points. 

2022–2023 USTRC’s Resistol Jr Standings 

(as of 6/27/22. Go to for current standings.)

HEADING                     POINTS                     HOMETOWN

1. Aiden Perrett 74 Luverne, Alabama

2. Walker Guy 56 Waynesville, North Carolina

3. Cooper Stone 27 Kingston, Georgia

4. Dylan Breitsprecher 26 Tomah, Wisconsin

5. Brody Jackson 22 Hermleigh, Texas

6/7/8/9. Garrett Freeman 19 Cooper, Texas

6/7/8/9. Teigan Orr 19 Lebanon, Tennessee

6/7/8/9. Ivy Bone 19 Calhoun, Georgia

6/7/8/9. Jade Mitchell 19 Weatherford, Texas

10. Brayden Hazle 18 Penrose, Colorado

HEELING                     POINTS                     HOMETOWN

1/2. Houston Childers 46 Fairmount, Georgia

1/2. Kelby Frizzell 46 Sterling City, Texas

3. Brit Smith 43 Mcdavid, Florida

4. Dean Sherbo 40 Acampo, California

5/6. Landon Lee 29 Four Oaks, North Carolina

5/6. Justin Spenrath 29 Comfort, Texas

7. Hayden Sanders 27 Ovalo, Texas

8/9. Luke Denney 19 Carrollton, Georgia

8/9. Levi Baker 19 Culleoka, Tennessee

10. Dubb Ramone 18 Thoreau, New Mexico

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