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WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi Could be Your Way into Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo
WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi is athletes' last chance at Kid Rock's Rock N Rodeo.
Garrett Elmore and Justin De La Garza rodeo corpus christiTR round winner
Photo by Bull Stock Media, courtesy WCRA

Since the announcement of the legendary Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo, debuting May, 17, 2024, athletes all over have been looking for their way in. Six teams will compete in a bracket-style competition at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for a $1 million purse, and five of those teams were drafted by the team coaches.

The sixth team, however, is the only route for non-drafted athletes, and WCRA Rodeo Corpus Christi is their way in to Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo.

The Free Riders

WCRA announced in Dec. 2023 they were joining forces with the PBR for the revolutionary new rodeo. Their team the “Free Riders,” led by Bobby Mote and Linsay Rosser-Sumpter, offers a chance for athletes to compete if they weren’t picked in the draft.

The Free Riders team will be made up of the first and second-place athletes from Rodeo Corpus Christi. Contestants need to declare eligibility through the WCRA’s state of the art Virtual Rodeo Qualifier (VRQ) and earn a leaderboard position in the top 20 to qualify for Rodeo Corpus Christi on May 8-11, 2024. The athletes that finish first and second in Corpus will make up the Free Riders.

Nominations for Rodeo Corpus Christi are open now and will close on April 7, at 11:59 p.m.

How is the Rodeo Corpus Christi leaderboard looking so far?


1Ryne Hutton 4195
2Riley Kittle 3046
3Nelson Wyatt 2875
4Heath King 2497.25
5Koby Sanchez 2353.5
6Reno Stoebner2162.5
7Casey Hicks 2103
8Billy Bob Brown 1648
9Brady Barrentine 1555.5
10Jake Cooper 1440.5
11Jake Wells 1388
12Coleman Proctor 1151.5
13Jason Pendergraft 851
14JC Yeahquo 640.75
15Andrew Ward 603
16Cash Hendrick 518.5
17Luke Brown 506.5
18Sergio Fornazin 403.5
19Peyton Walters 373.25
20Pj Ramos 352


1Buddy Hawkins 4266.5
2Bryer Hamilton 3160.5
3Jace Helton 2904
4Joe Mattern 2541
5Stephen Britnell 2504.75
6Trey Johnson 2390
7Reno Gonzales 1555.5
8Patrick Houchins 1302.75
9Travis Beck 1175.75
10Griffin Passmore 1151.5
11Hazen Suit 1148.75
12Brayden Parker 955
13Kirby Blankenship 901
14Lane Mitchell 885.4
15Jade Corkill 701
16Tyler Coleman 693.75
17Andy Smallwood 639
18Chase Graves 617.5
19Stitches Stanley 616.5
20Kollin VonAhn 603
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