Begay's One-of-a-Kind Inner Strength

Derrick Begay shares his one-of-a-kind inner strength on "The Score", brought to you by Manna Pro.

This episode started out like this: I figured I’d call a bunch of different guys and ask them about a time that their mental games failed them. I started with Derrick Begay, because I so value his opinion about nearly everything, and because I know how much this audience loves him. Well, an hour and a half and two phone calls later, I didn’t really need to call anyone else for this podcast. Don’t worry—I might go back to that topic—but it’s been a while since we caught up with Begay, and this episode helps me take a deep dive into his psyche. In true Derrick fashion, he wanted this to be good, and he wanted what he had to say to be helpful to the bulk of the ropers out there. So we spent a lot of time talking through his mental strategy, and I’m hoping there might be some nuggets of truth in here that help you get down the road yourself.

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