Making a Play with Clay O’Brien Cooper
Listen to Clay O's strategy for making a run in competition mode in this bonus tips episode of "The Short Score," brought to you by the WCRA.
Clay O' Brien Cooper

Listen to Clay O’Brien Cooper’s strategy for making a play in competition mode in this bonus tips episode of “The Short Score,” brought to you by the WCRA.


People try to segment their run out to where they try to do their riding first and try to get the horse where they want first, then they try to get their swing where they want, then they try to look for their timing, then they try to look for their shot. The run just happens too quick to try to segment that all out.

What I see guys do is that they track the steer all the way across the arena and then the headers having to come back up the fence and they haven’t taken their shot yet because they’re trying to go through all the procedures they need to do right and do it in segments, one at a time, you know, one after the other.

In the end that’s not gonna work in a live run under competition effectively enough, over and over again. So you gotta look at it more like a play, just like any other sport.


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