Managing Pre-Roping Nerves with Matt Sherwood
Matt Sherwood is on "The Score" as a bonus episode in Season 4 with a mental performance segment from
Matt Sherwood at the NFR.

You are the first to hear about this. At “The Score,” of course we are the official podcast of The Team Roping Journal. We all work for the team roping journal and our company recently partnered with our new video streaming platform, has been around for a few years. We’re going to combine our industry know-how and the experts that we’ve relied on at The Team Roping Journal with the video technology that powers this platform to really change the way you improve your roping.

Every Saturday now we are going to be released releasing a mental performance segment from Something that we pull out of the archives for you to listen to with your families, with your buddies, with your girlfriends on the way to the jackpot. Today we’ve got Matt Sherwood here with a mental performance clip that is brought to you by

In this first episode, Matt Sherwood talks about pre-roping nerves and how to manage them. 

To read the episode transcript click here.

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