New Kid on the Block: Riata Buckle & Its $2-Million Payout

Co-host Jenna Link reads from Chelsea Shaffer's "No Wolves Allowed" feature from the September 2022 issue of TRJ that breaks down the Riata Buckle.

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As the Riata Buckle kicks off this week, we’ve got a quick primer on both the money and the format of this $2 million dollar event in this episode of “The Score,” brought to you by Fast Back Ropes.

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“A role reversal is underway,” Gentry said. “Horse show roping and futurity roping have always been a judged event, controlled by trainers and professional ropers. They do have the majority of the horses at this stage of the game. But if they have the horses, there is something that they need to get at those purses: They need numbered ropers. We never thought we would see the day when the pros and trainers are interviewing numbered ropers trying to fill the dance cards for their horses.”

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The $2-million Riata Buckle futurity will stream exclusively on, where members can watch the entirety of the historic event Nov. 3-6, 2022 from Guthrie, Oklahoma.

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