Part 2: The Roper Behind the Microphone

Anthony Lucia talks with guest host, Casey Allen on this episode of "The Short Score," brought to you by the WCRA.

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On this week’s episode of “The Short Score,” brought to you by the WCRA, Casey Allen, host of our sister podcast, “The Breakaway Breakdown,” talks to roper, reality TV star, and rodeo announcer Anthony Lucia, as they dive deeper into his team roping roots.

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“Being around all the rodeos when I was younger, I was infatuated with team roping. I would go and push everyone’s steers—that’s how I got involved in team roping. I was enamored by it— Jake (Barnes)Clay (O’Brien Cooper), Speed (Williams), Rich (Skelton), Colter Todd and Cesar De La Cruz—I would go during the slacks and ask everybody if they needed a shove. I’d just hang out there, and yeah, I’d be covered in cow crap, but I got to push their steers and got to feel like I was a part of their team. I would watch them and learn.” 

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