The Score Season 2, Episode 2: Cesar de la Cruz

Cesar de la Cruz opens up about life growing up in South Tucson and his long journey to the top with The Score host Chelsea Shaffer on Episode 2 of Season 2, launching February 7.

Cesar de la Cruz joins “The Score” host Chelsea Shaffer on Episode 2 of Season 2 of The Team Roping Journal’s hit podcast, opening up about negative influences in his life and how he overcame them to become a nine-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo heeler.

On “The Score,” the semi-weekly podcast that launches February 7, Arizona’s de la Cruz talks about life growing up in South Tucson and the struggles he faced living in a tough, underprivileged neighborhood. His honesty in this episode will resonate with ropers of all backgrounds, as he talks about the role family, great horses, team roping and friends played in shaping who he is.

“Every chance I got, because there was so much trouble to be had—the kids at school always were wanting me to get in trouble—so I’d go to Colter  Todd’s,” de la Cruz says. “He was a real genuine friend and always looking out for me for the better and making me a better person. My grandpa really liked Colter a lot too. My grandfather, he was a World War II veteran, and the stuff he had to endure and still it was his dream for his kids and his grandkids to be ProRodeo cowboys. I’m glad I’m making him happy.”

The next episode of “The Score” launches February 21 featuring NFR header and Bob Feist Invitational Champion Drew Horner

About “The Score”: The Score is The Team Roping Journal’s semi-weekly podcast, highlighting the team roping industry’s top talents and influencers through stories that inspire and connect ropers. Host Chelsea Shaffer sits down with ropers from the professional ranks as well as industry icons and producers to delve into topics that make the team roping world tick. Season 2 will feature even deeper interviews, storytelling and issue-based coverage.

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