Kolton Schmidt, the Barrhead, Alberta 24-year-old NFR header, is the featured guest on Season 2 Episode 8 of The Score, the hit podcast from The Team Roping Journal.

The 2015 College National Finals Champion talks with host Chelsea Shaffer about his mental battle since making the NFR in 2016, including how he relearned how to ride a horse with the help of DT Horses Dean Tuftin and Tuftin’s exceptional crew of horsemen.

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"We restarted with a snaffle–trying to get him (Badger) in the left lead in a straight line," Schmidt said. "Seriously, we couldn't do it. So, we got that and it was so hard for me–that was the most that I've never roped in my life. I was there for two months. We put the rope on in the chute and we messed around–slowed that horse down."

Schmidt also talks about his partnership with fellow Canadian and 2016 World Champion Jeremy Buhler, as well as his Alberta upbringing and affinity for hockey

About "The Score": The Score is The Team Roping Journal's semi-weekly podcast, highlighting the team roping industry's top talents and influencers through stories that inspire and connect ropers. Host Chelsea Shaffer sits down with ropers from the professional ranks as well as industry icons and producers to delve into topics that make the team roping world tick. Season 2 will feature even deeper interviews, storytelling and issue-based coverage.

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