2022 Breeder’s Guide Stud: Coronas Dun Playin
Coronas Dun Playin, an AQHA Senior Heeling World Champion and Level 2 Senior Tie-Down World Champion, owned by Jeff and Michelle Fields, is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2022 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.

Coronas Dun Playin

Jeff and Michelle Fields

High Plains Genetics LLC

Piedmont, South Dakota

coronasdunplayin.org; 605-787-4808

Stud Fee: $1,200

A few years back, Jeff Fields traded a mare for a 5-year-old unbroke stud horse. Upon getting that stud—registered as Coronas Dun Playin—home, Fields’ teenage boys saddled him for the first time, and tracked the Hot Heels that afternoon. A few weeks later, they were jackpotting on him. And a few years later, Coronas Dun Playin was the AQHA’s Senior Heeling World Champion.

“He’s one of a kind,” said AQHA World Championship trainer Casey Hicks, who campaigned the horse for Fields. “I’ve never had a horse like him. He’s a little horse with the biggest heart. He doesn’t have to be here all the time to be successful, either. They can have him at home and bring him here the week before it’s time to go show.”

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Also the Level 2 Senior Tie-Down World Champion, Coronas Dun Playin has been in Hicks’s program for four years on and off.

“When Jeff brought him to me, that horse had some try,” Hicks said. “We started roping calves on him and, that horse, he very rarely ever says no. He’s always willing. His traits have carried over to his babies. He was very willing, and he never gets mad, never gets upset.”

In his down time, he’s bred 35 to 40 mares a year, with colts averaging between 14.2 and 15.1.

“We’re crossing him on cow-bred mares and Pitzer-bred mares,” Fields said. “We’ve got two coming 3-year-olds that are doing great.”

SIRE: Corona White Chex

DAM: Sheza Playin Boon

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