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Wier Ranch
With greats like CSR Dual Glo and Sevens Star Glo, the influence of the Wier Ranch breeding program can be seen in roping arenas far and wide.
CSR Dual Glo son Sevens Star Glo: 2022 and 2023 ARHFA World Champion, 2023 AQHA Heading World Champion | Elite Equine Promotions photo

Wier Ranch
Lipan, Texas

With a proven track record of siring athletes who capture world titles with ease, CSR Dual Glo, the bay stallion with a legacy of championship bloodlines, stands as a cornerstone of the Wier Ranch breeding program. CSR Dual Glo proves to be an investment for mare owners who aim to produce the next generation of champions.

When CSR Dual Glo first graced the Wier Ranch, his potential was unmistakable. The son of Dual Spark and Look At Her Glo, also known as “Betty,” carries the torch passed on by champions.

INCENTIVES, CSR Dual Glo: Riata Buckle, Pitzer HPI

A stop at Bobby Lewis’ ranch in 2014 reminded Marshall Wier of Dual Glo’s illustrious dam, leading to the acquisition that would shape the future of Wier Ranch.

Now, the circle of life continues at the Wier Ranch as CSR Dual Glo stamps his legacy into the future of team roping with his progeny.

Marshall and Lezlie Wier’s dedication to quality, proven by CSR Dual Glo’s impressive list of accolades, extends an invitation to mare owners to partake in their exceptional breeding program. CSR Dual Glo himself boasts titles such as AQHA Junior Heading World Champion, AQHA High Point Junior Heading Champion, and multiple high-point awards, which speak volumes of his abilities and the caliber of athletes he produces.

Bobby Lewis and CSR Dual Glo winning the 2015 AQHA Jr Heading World Championship

Highlighting the breeding program’s success, CSR Dual Glo has sired noteworthy champions who have left their mark in the arena. Bobby Glo Harlan emerged as a stellar product of Dual Glo’s genetics, snatching the 2020 AQHA Junior Heeling World Championship and the 2022 AQHA Reserve World Champion in Senior Heading. WQ Stonestimetoglo followed suit, bagging the 2022 AQHA Junior Heeling L2 championship. These champions echo their sire’s titles, including AQHA Junior Heading World Champion and a suite of AQHA High Point awards.

But the standout progeny, Sevens Star Glo, known fondly as “Hank,” is as a testament to the legacy CSR Dual Glo is crafting. As Hank clinches victories like the American Rope Horse Futurity Association Open Heeling World Champion and AQHA World Show titles, he not only mirrors his sire’s success but also shows a promising future for Wier Ranch’s breeding program.

“It’s cool when we raise one, train one, and have the success we’ve had in the arena with the team that we’ve got helping us,” Marshall said. “From T. Richardson and his sons, Tanner and Hayden, and Tell Good starting these horses and taking them to the ranch for day work before they head to the arena to the photographers and writers who tell the stories of what our horses have done, we’ve got really great people. It’s a big deal to go and get done what those horses have done with Bobby Lewis and Dual Glo and then Cade with Sevens Star Glo.”

Under the skillful guidance of Bobby Lewis, CSR Dual Glo made a name for himself, and now, with Cade Rice, Hank is continuing that tradition. These victories on the back of the horses from Wier Ranch are not merely individual accomplishments; they are the fruits of a collective passion—a convergence of lineage, training and a supportive environment that allows these wins to occur.

Sevens Star Glo and Cade Rice

This year, Hank has continued to impress, displaying the same championship quality that his sire is known for. In 2023, Hank was the AQHA World Champion in Senior Heading and the American Rope Horse Futurity Association Word Champion in heeling—a back-to-back win from 2022. His victories at major events are a testament to the powerful combination of CSR Dual Glo’s genetics and the mare power that Wier Ranch so profoundly respects. Hank’s wins are not just a reflection of his talent but a demonstration of the breeding program’s foresight and the fulfillment of a vision that began years ago—even before CSR Dual Glo first arrived at the ranch.

The Wier Ranch’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the impressive titles and large checks. It’s found in the breeding decisions that place an equal emphasis on both sire and dam. It’s this emphasis on the strength of the dam that forms the cornerstone of Wier Ranch’s strategy, blending the traits of exemplary stallions with exceptional mares to produce quality horses.

“Everybody goes on about the stallions, but the mare power is what makes those horses,” Marshall said. “And that’s what we’ve tried to focus on, probably as much as anything, is having good mares.”

The approach at Wier Ranch is holistic, aiming not only to produce champions within the team roping arena, but also to have horses with the same quality and demeanor outside the competitive setting—the types of horses that can go do any event with anyone on their back. The horses that emerge from this program are a testament to the balance between athleticism and temperament—a trait combination sought after by all but achieved by few.

INCENTIVES, Two Eyed Brazos: Riata Buckle, Pitzer HPI

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