2023 Breeder’s Guide Stallion: Probably A Shiner
Probably A Shiner is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2023 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.
AQHA World Champion Probably A Shiner | Shane Rux photo

Probably A Shiner
Owned by Rolling V Performance Horses
Standing at Tien Quarter Horses
Prairie View, Kansas

STUD FEE: $1,500

SIRE: Smart Nu Shiner
DAM: Shortys Probability by With All Probability

AQHA World Champion Probably A Shiner | Shane Rux photo

Probably A Shiner might just be the winningest junior stallion on the rope horse market today, as the reigning AQHA World Champion Junior Head Horse and Junior Heel Horse.

Raised by Rolling V Performance Horses in Rock Valley by the program’s AQHA World Champion Senior Heel Horse Smart Nu Shiner (now standing in Brazil), Probably A Shiner has been in the capable hands of Tyson Benson and J.D. Yates from the start.

“He’s been so easy to show,” owner Mike Van Egdom of Rock Valley, Iowa, said. “I owned his mother and his father, and he’s had a nice temperament from the day he hit the ground.”

Probably A Shiner topped the tough 6-and-Under Royal Crown Futurity in Rock Springs as a 5-year-old in August 2022, worth $9,750 to Rolling V and another $1,935 to Van Egdom who paid his sire in, and another $1,935 to him as the breeder, too.

He capped offthe year earning $11,280 for winning the junior heading and another $15,904 for winning the junior heeling, all under Yates.

The 15.1-hand stallion has also excelled in the calf roping, rounding offa career that Van Egdom is well-satised with. The stallion will head to the breeding barn for good in 2023.

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