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SR Industry Titan
SR Industry Titan is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2024 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.
SR Industry Titan

SR Industry Titan
Standing at and Owned by
70 Ranch Performance Horses
Gainesville, Texas

STUD FEE: $3,500

SIRE: Firewaterontherocks
DAM: Mulberry Canyon Moon by Marthas Six Moons

INCENTIVES: Pink Buckle, Ruby Buckle, Future Fortunes, Select Stallion Stakes, Tomorrow’s Legends, Breeder’s Challenge, Legends of the South

A product of Firewaterontherocks and NFR mare Mulberry Canyon Moon, SR Industry Titan is a part of barrel racing royalty. Living up to—and exceeding—the expectations that come from being genetically gifted, “Titan” has proven himself time and time again. Trained and campaigned by Troy Crumrine, Titan placed in multiple go-rounds in the barrel racing at the 2020 NFR, and has repeatedly set ProRodeo arena records with Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi.

Titan’s oldest foals, now 3-year-olds, are showing great promise. From barrel racing to team roping, his offspring are equipped with the genetics to excel. Titan stands 15 hands tall, has impeccable conformation, and carries all the traits that make a standout rope horse. Crossing well on various mares, Titan is the perfect fit for adding speed without adding too much height.

Acquired by 70 Ranch Performance Horses in September 2023, the purchase was driven by Titan’s exceptional pedigree and performance.

“I had been watching Titan on the Cowboy Channel and was curious about him,” said Don Ham, stallion manager for 70 Ranch. “He’s a fabulous horse to watch and, as I was researching him, every rock I would turn over, Titan would just keep checking all the boxes for everything that makes a great stud.”

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