2022 Breeder’s Guide Stud: Sanctus
Sanctus, a National Cutting Horse Hall of Famer owned by Scott Durham, is featured in The Team Roping Journal's 2022 Breeder's Guide, highlighting industry-best rope horse breeding programs, studs and incentives.


Scott Durham

Weatherford, Texas

teamsanctus.com; 512-550-8830

Stud fee: $3,500 plus chute fee

There are few studs in any market with the credentials of Sanctus.

A National Cutting Horse Hall of Famer at only 5 years old, Sanctus has over $342,000 in earnings and is still actively competing in the NCHA. He quickly stepped into the spotlight winning back-to-back NCHA Summer Derby Championships in 2020 and 2021—an accomplishment never achieved before in NCHA history.

Also included on the list of impressively attained accolades are the 13 Open Championships Sanctus has won (4year/5year)—more “Open Championship” titles than any horse across all of NCHA in aged events (5000+ horses) for two consecutive years now: also 2020 and 2021.

The young phenom was first discovered as a yearling by owner Scott Durham, who grew up living on the famed King Ranch and riding with cutting industry legend Buster Welch.

“I saw him in a round pen,” Durham remembered. “I just was very impressed at his quickness and his power. That’s what locked me into him. Our journey has been an awesome and fast-paced ride.”

Three-million-dollar-rider Adan Banuelos captured The Breeders Invitational in Tulsa in 2021 aboard Sanctus, along with the 2021 NCHA Summer Derby Championship, and he continues to do a remarkable job showing the equine athlete.

“What Sanctus has done—winning the NCHA Derby back-to-back—that’s unheard of,” Durham said. “He’s such a cowy horse, and he’s so quick. He’ll be an ideal cross on the cow horse and speed mares to add an extra level of grit.

“Sanctus has an average finals score across 10+ finals runs of 225, which is just simply amazing,” he added.

Sanctus finished his first breeding season in 2021 here in USA and bred mares across the globe in Australia all summer. “We couldn’t believe the demand in Australia. It flew off the shelves over there,” Durham said. “Here in the USA, we have some really good mares bred for our first foal crop and we’re looking forward to the dynamic and athletic babies that will start hitting the ground in 2022.

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“We also have huge marketing plans for Sanctus—anyone that has followed us the last year has seen some of the Greatness we are delivering. Not only for promotions for Sanctus, but for our very important mare owners, as well. We know this is crucial in making the full life cycle process work for all that are involved.”

Sanctus is enrolled in the Royal Crown roping incentive, the Riata Buckle and the Breeder’s Challenge, with further plans to cross him on more elite roping and barrel racing mares for 2022. Durham is offering considerations to proven rope horse mares to continue to invest in the market.

“He’s so quick and he’s so cowy,” Durham said. “Under saddle, he’s all business. He’s sweet-natured and, in the pen, he’s really nice to be around. Most people think he’s a hot horse because he’s so athletic. He’s not hot at all. In fact, we can’t warm him up much before he shows. He’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime horse to own and manage—a gift from the man upstairs.”

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