2022 WRWC Gives Commissioner Sumpter Reason to Reflect
Commissioner Sumpter celebrates the 2022 WRWC wins and goes to work on improving the 2023 event.

Now that the dust has settled on the 2022 Women’s Rodeo World Championships, all I can feel is excitement. Excitement for the years to come, for the future of women in the sport, and for a job well done by my amazing team at the WRWC! The men and women behind the scenes of this historic women’s rodeo did a fabulous job and, for that, I tip my hat to them.

#BFFGoals: Kylie McLean & Megan Gunter Win $120k & World Titles at WRWC

It’s a powerful feeling to be able to hand a fellow competitor a check for $60,000. Knowing all the hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, tears and effort that they have put into their craft as a competitor. The cowgirl athletes showed up and gave an amazing performance not only for the live audience but for the television audience live on CBS. too. The emotion in the building was felt through the telecast. The WRWC has paid out more than $2.2 million to female rodeo athletes in the past three years and, if that doesn’t get you excited about the future, I am not sure what will.


Through the excitement, though, comes reflection. What lessons were learned, how we can improve and how we can better serve the women within the industry?

Reflection is scary but necessary for growth. With only three years of data from the WRWC, growing pains come with the territory. Over the years we have seen many challenges and addressing them is important to the team at WRWC. If we don’t get exposed to challenges, then we won’t know what is wrong.

I had countless conversations with competitors about how we can better the event. As always, I strive to be in a place where all contestants can feel safe in expressing their concerns while knowing that I will do my best to address them. All these matters were written down and taken back to the competition committee, board members and staff to see how we can better serve the athletes. The contestants are our priority. Know that we hear you.

Commissioner Sumpter: April 2022 at the WRWC

These conversations were one of my favorite parts of the experience as commissioner. I was able to meet so many amazing athletes at the WRWC from all over the United States. Reflecting on these conversations brings me back to my “Why I said yes.” I said yes to help build a better future for the women in rodeo. I said yes to help build a platform for the challengers in the sport. I said yes to give all women a chance at big money.  When reflecting on any situation we must remember why we are doing it. We must reflect on why we’re competitors, why we are producers and why we are doing what we are doing. The WRWC is committed to the women in rodeo. They are our “Why.”    

In the future look forward to more details about how we are planning to better the Women’s Rodeo World Championships 2023. Like always, I am here for you as your voice to try to better the sport.

“We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience.” — John Dewey

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