Boogie Man: Erich Rogers’ Scary Good Head Horse

Rogers to count on NFR head horse Boogie Man at 2019 Cinch Timed Event Championships.

Erich Rogers will head on Boogie Man, a 2007 model gelding registered as Son O Lena Steel, to try his luck at the 2019 Cinch Timed Event Championship March 8 through 10, 2019, at the Lazy E Arena.

The dun gelding, who carried Rogers the last four rounds of his PRCA world-title-winning NFR campaign, has been a part of Rogers’ success since he purchased him in February 2017.

“I had a good friend of mine by the name of Joe Keating who told me about him,” Rogers said. “He scores good and always gives me everything he’s got, from the back of the box all the way to the cow. As soon as I rope I can keep him moving forward, he just does a good job of whatever I ask him to do. He’s just a good minded, athletic little booger.”

Rogers suffered a knee injury at the 2018 Chinch Timed Event Championship that set him back a couple of months and gave Boogie Man some time off as well. The duo rested until the first of May 2018 when Rogers sent Boogie Man to Desert Rose Equine in Casa Grande, Arizona where the horse swam in the Equipool until he got back in shape. Rogers rode him at the Wrangler NFR in 2018, heading for Clint Summers. They finished seventh in the average and earned $48,288 for their efforts. Rogers finished 2018 14 in the PRCA world standings with $116,643.

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