Buckle Up with Riley Minor
Minor's 2017 RFD-TV’s The American Heading Champion buckle.

Riley Minor and Brady Minor recently won their hometown rodeo in Ellensburg, Washington. But, that shiny new buckle is put away for now, because Minor is still sporting his 2017 RFD-TV’s The American Heading Champion buckle.

“I’ve been wearing The American buckle from a couple years ago,” Minor said. “It’s a pretty cool buckle and it was cool to win the American. It’s my biggest win ever.”

Although The American was the biggest win of Minor’s career, Ellensburg was one for the books with it being so close to home.

“I kind of have mixed emotions because The American was my biggest win as far as payout, but Ellensburg was the coolest win of my career. I just didn’t want to get it dirty yet. I’m going to wear it some, but I want to keep it looking sharp. I might crack it out at Vegas.”

The American is held inside the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, which is a thrilling experience whether it’s a home game for the NFL Dallas Cowboys or the sport of rodeo.

“It was darn sure pretty cool. That stadium is so big with a lot of people in there. It was a pretty neat experience to win it.”

Minor was on board one of the best head horses in the business, Bob, to help him win both rodeos.

“This is my fourth season to ride him. He was good that day. He’s good everywhere pretty much. I just have to do my job I guess.”

What buckle would it take to change out The American buckle and possible the Ellensburg buckle?

“I guess if I could ever win that gold one, then I’d wear that one.” 

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