Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Cream


A convenient, fast-acting cream featuring an exclusive 100 percent plant-derived source of cetyl myristoleate is now available to horse owners looking for a more effective response to joint stress in young and older horses alike.

Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Cream for Horses, the latest in the unique line of joint health products from Response Products Inc., is designed with a proprietary blend of balanced ingredients designed to support joint and muscle health and function.

“Cetyl myristoleate has demonstrated its effectiveness in our granular, feed-based formula, but we wanted to give horse owners and trainers another way to promote joint health with a fast-acting, more localized delivery system for horses. Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Cream for Horses, which also includes hyaluronic acid, is a perfect solution,” said Dori Simonton, president of Response Products.

Simonton explained that Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Horses is designed to provide long-term relief, while the topical cream is good for flare-ups from over exertion or injury. It is ideal, she added, for use before and after an activity that will place additional stress on joints. “Using the dietary supplement daily and the cream before and after competition or a hard exercise, for example, delivers a one-two punch for joint health and performance,” she said.

Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Cream is also paraben free and contains no animal byproducts.

Cetyl myristoleate-a unique esterified fatty acid derived from myristoleic acid-is a vital ingredient in both the Advanced Cetyl M products. Harry Diehl, a research chemist at the National Institute of Health, discovered the powerful joint-enhancing ingredient years ago.

“During his research on arthritis,” Simonton explained, “Diehl found that he was unable to induce arthritis in a particular species of mice. It turns out that these mice produced cetyl myristoleate, which helped prevent the onset of arthritis,” she said. “We’ve taken that knowledge and expanded it, with innovative new products for horses, dogs and people, too.”

Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Cream for Horses, like other joint health offerings from Response Products, is sold at Response or through select online and catalog retailers. For more information on the product, visit

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