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Powerline Lite Heel Rope

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

Trade Secrets: The Ropes the Top 15 *Heelers* Will Use in Las Vegas

The 2022 top 15's heel rope selection is dominated by one company and one rope, while two others battle it out for representation among the best in the world.

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Team Roping Gear

Weapon of Choice: These Are the Ropes the Top 15 *Headers* Will Use in Las Vegas

NRS Swipe Glove

Team Roping Gear

Swipe Right! The NRS Swipe Glove Is Right for Roping

The NRS Swipe touchscreen roping gloves have been developed with the roper’s ease in mind.

Ariat Hilo

Team Roping Gear

Ariat’s Hilo Gets a Cool Update

Look cool, feel even cooler. Ariat's new men's Hilo 360° has everything you love about the original, with a cooling, moisture-wicking lining and even more breathability.

Team Roping Gear

Train with Smarty, Ride with Synergy®

Cesar de la Cruz Heeling

Team Roping Gear

What is Backswing and Why Does It Matter?

Knowing how your ropes really work can elevate your game. Fast Back Ropes' GM Coy Upchurch and NFR heeler Cesar de la Cruz explain.

Team Roping Gear

Lay Up: Choosing the Best Rope Lay to Fit Your Needs

The ins and outs of choosing the best lay of rope to fit your needs.

Team Ropers

The Cactus Craft: GM Josh Johnson

General Manager Josh Johnson navigates new waters for Cactus Saddlery as the company crafts better gear to serve its customers.

Team Ropers

Cowboy-Era Maker: Cotton Elliot Bit and Spurs

Texas bit and spur maker Cotton Elliott learned the old ways of the craft but embraces both the challenges and the opportunities of doing business in this modern world.

Team Roping Gear

Andy Holcomb’s Head Horse Tie-Down Theory

Andy Holcomb explains when and how he uses a nylon noseband.

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