Blue Ox Diamond Hitch is Convenient, Strong and Safe

Blue Ox Diamond Hitch has added a premium heavy-duty hitch to its portfolio of products. The Blue Ox Diamond Hitch is convenient to use, has great safety features and is designed for easy installation.

Blue Ox Diamond Hitch, a manufacturer of towing, braking, steering and hitch systems, acquired Blue Ox Diamond Hitch from Paul Roberts this past fall. “The Diamond Hitch fits well with the other products we offer. This new product allows us to offer a hitch solution for heavier trailers,” said Jay Hesse, president of Blue Ox. “This hitch is good for RVers who want to haul heavier rigs, but it also is a great option for people who have to haul heavy work trailers. This includes farm and ranch trailers, construction trailers and auto haulers. Just about any type of heavy towing is a candidate for Diamond Hitch.”

Hesse continued: “We presently have Diamond Hitch as a gooseneck. In the near future, we will expand the design to include fifth wheel trailers as well.”

Two features that make Diamond Hitch an exceptional premium product are its unique InvertaT Ball design and the spring loaded locking ball system. The Inverta™ Ball design allows you to easily remove the ball, flip it upside down and store it in the hitch, leaving the bed of the pickup unobstructed and flat. The lock to hold the ball into place is designed in the ball. No more reaching into a muddy fender well to pull a lever or release a lock or cable. The spring loaded locking system also eliminates any chance of forgetting to engage a fender well locking mechanism. A locking tab allows visual verification that the ball is locked into towing position.

Another safety factor designed into the ball: to remove it you must rotate the ball, lift it and lower it in sequence, eliminating the chance of the ball accidentally being unhooked from the hitch. This means your load, whether it’s your prize horses, your racecar or your RV, will ride securely.

Its modular design allows for quicker one-person installation and added strength. The hitch bolts directly on to the frame of the pickup under the bed. There is no need to remove the truck bed and no welding is required. Diamond Hitch models are designed with specific trucks in mind. This keeps drilling in the truck frame to a minimum. The hitch uses as many of the existing bolt holes in the truck frame as possible, and no drilling is required at all to install Diamond Hitch on the new Dodge hydraframe. Blue Ox also sells Diamond Hitch components separately for truck body builders to use on one-ton truck beds.

With the below-the-bed design, only one four-inch hole is drilled into the truck bed. The Inverta Ball design allows for complete truck bed use when not towing a trailer.

The same Limited Life Time Warranty that Blue Ox has made famous with its other products covers Diamond Hitch.

For more information on the complete line of Blue Ox towing systems, braking systems, steering controls, carriers, weight distributing hitch systems, gooseneck hitches and accessories contact Blue Ox at (888) 425-5382, e-mail or visit

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