Cactus and Wrangler Launch New Rope


Wrangler-the leading western apparel brand-together with Cactus Ropes-the number one rope manufacturer in the business-announced a partnership to launch a new line of poly-enhanced, twisted nylon ropes suitable for every three- and four-strand enthusiast.

The new 20X (three-strand) and 20Xtreme (four-strand) will combine the traits and characteristics of many of Cactus’ current lines and blend them into ropes that will enhance the feel, consistency and performance that ropers all over the world have come to trust from Cactus.

The three-strand 20X ropes are twisted nylon with a hint of poly to give them the desired tip weight, balance and quickness desired by all three-strand users. Ropers who often swing the Habanero, Omega, and Phoenix will find the three-strand 20X perfectly combines the best traits of all these ropes and is twisted to the perfect diameter, creating a snappy, quick rope with tons of tip weight.

Ropers who love the speed of a Whistler but like the weight of an Amigo will find the four-strand 20Xtreme is the new rope that combines the best of both worlds. With a comparable size to the Xplosion-part of Trevor Brazile’s Relentless line-the lightly blended 20Xtreme head and heel ropes compliment the current four-strand lines offered by Cactus Ropes.

The Wrangler brand is committed to designing products that answer the needs of their valued consumers, making the brand a true leader in the western industry. Cactus Ropes also prides itself on making a line of ropes that will “fit” every roper at any level. By dovetailing these two companies and combining the years of excellence, knowledge and drive, the thee-strand 20X and four-strand 20Xtreme ropes are guaranteed to give team ropers everywhere the 20X confidence.

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