Creating More Opportunities for Your Heeler
"I’ve focused this year on giving my heeler more chances to throw. Here’s how I broke it down." 
Nelson Wyatt turning a steer to win Bigfork, Montana’s ProRodeo with Chase Tryan.
Wyatt turning a steer to win Bigfork, Montana’s ProRodeo with Chase Tryan. | Rodeo Ready/Clay Guardipee photos

Mental Game

I’ve needed to let go of trying to win first every time. I’m trying to trust the process and the run instead of just trying to do it all on my own. I mean, I’m always trying to do better. I’m focusing more on getting a good start and riding my horse before I’m looking to throw. 

In the Box

I want to take a deep seat—not hunched over and not rocked back. That helps me ride my horse to the steer because, if my shoulders are back too soon, he’s just going to be reading my throw instead of running toward the steer. 

Bridle Reins

I usually like to leave a little early and float. Both of my horses score light. I tend to get off the corner early to make sure I have my horse going forward and, from there, I can judge if I need to float them or not; I just do not like being late. I grew up in the Southeast where the barriers are short, and you could start early and pull at the line and throw instead of having to sit dead still and come blasting. That’s a feel that’s better for me. 

To the Steer

Riding my horse first means that, if I can score good instead of trying to get my rope up so fast, with the first stride headed toward the cow, I catch way more that way and can give my partner a better roll at them, too. TRJ

GET IT: Wyatt uses a Mini Thrill by Cactus Ropes to help with his snappy head loops. 

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