Durable Welded Steel Sprinkler Stands Up to the Toughest Conditions

Solve dust problems and keep horses and riders happy and healthy with a long-lasting Sprinkler Stand from FarmTek. Manufactured from welded steel, this sprinkler is sturdy yet easy to move and has a sled-designed base for easy placement anywhere dust control is needed. Perfect for use in arenas and other riding areas, our 15˝ high sprinkler stand is corrosion resistant with a ¾˝ brass inlet and ½˝ by ½˝ stainless steel outlet.

Try this sprinkler stand with FarmTek’s new Senninger Xcel Wobbler Sprinkler Head Nozzles to create a rain-like irrigation system. With unique off-center rotary action, these sprinkler heads provide extremely uniform coverage at low pressures with minimal evaporative loss. Made from high-impact, engineering-grade thermoplastics and having only one moving part, Wobbler Sprinkler Heads are built to last.

For more, visitwww.farmtek.comor call (877) 327-6835.

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