FarmTek Equine Supply AquaCool Evaporative Cooling System

Summer is here and now is a great time for a new evaporative cooling system for your buildings and barns. By drawing in hot, dry air and emitting cool, humidified air, the new AquaCool Evaporative Cooling System from FarmTek Equine Supply will efficiently cool your barns, stables, equestrian centers, and more.

Built to be the most durable and easy-to-use cooling system available, AquaCool Evaporative Cooling System is available in 12 stock sizes and can be built to any custom size. By installing a cooling system opposite installed fans, cool air is drawn across the length of the building, achieving maximum cooling and cutting your energy costs in half. You will see a 16° to 20° drop in temperature in poultry houses, livestock buildings, dairy barns, hog confinement buildings, and more.

Our AquaCool Systems come complete with premium Kuul Pads, top and bottom aluminum distribution, end panels, sump pump, and plumbing kit. Kuul Pads are available in four heights and in 15′, 20′, and 25′ lengths. For more visit

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