Featherlite Introduces 2009 ‘PerfectFit’ Living Quarters

Featherlite Trailers continues to transform the traveling and buying experience of horse owners with the introduction of striking new 2009 décor options now available through the popular PerfectFit System. Plus, Featherlite has expanded its options with recent enhancements to its entire horse trailer line.

The PerfectFit System is a new process that allows the horse trailer to be designed around the horse owner and their horses, without the custom price. Previously featured only on select living quarters models, it is now available on Featherlite’s entire line of horse and livestock trailers.

Along with the introduction of the expanded PerfectFit System, Featherlite has many new décor options available. In 2007, Featherlite first partnered with Sierra Custom Interiors to produce Featherlite’s entire line of living quarters interiors, which continues today.

Among its new options is an expanded selection of cabinet woods, including Aged Paulownia (dark oak), Farmyard Hickory, Moving Walnut and Trinity Oak, in addition to the traditional choices. There is something for everyone in the 2009 assortment of fabric selections for seating or valances including extra this year, a medley of upgraded exotic leather seating options, featuring a number of animal patterns.

Standard flooring is linoleum, which in 2009 models features more stone walk qualities. Upgrades to ceramic or hardwood are available.

In addition to cabinets, flooring, seating and valances, major selections for new living quarters customers are wall covering, ceiling and countertops. After designing the “look and feel” of their interior, the customer will move on to other amenities such as entertainment options. A popular entertainment choice for many living quarters owners recently has been the stereo with DVD and surround sound and optional XM satellite radio. Other popular options include an electric fireplace, electric awning with wind sensor and remote control and the dishwashing drawer option. A new option for 2009 models is a retractable screen door that is more desired by some living quarters owners.

“The PerfectFit System makes the selection process of interior options and floor plans much easier for customers when they meet with their local Featherlite dealer to order their living quarters,” Featherlite National Sales Manager Randy Lewis said. As always, if a customer doesn’t want to go through the selection process, dealers have a range of living quarters inventory on their sales lots for customers to select from.

With the new PerfectFit, customers will see the consolidation of Featherlite’s living quarters models down to one model with more options, the Model 8581. “Our previous model offering was larger and more complicated, but each of the models was more limited in its selections,” Lewis said. “The PerfectFit System puts the focus more on the configuration, layout and functionality of the trailer. The customer ends up getting more choices and superior value.”

The process begins with the customer selecting their required number of horse stalls, the short wall length and the width of the trailer. Then dealers will let customers pick from a wide array of interior floor plans and the major décor options before focusing more narrowly on specific features and options. This continues until the trailer meets their exact requirements.

Horse owners have exciting new options when configuring their Featherlite horse trailer including a redesigned swing out saddle rack and polished “Wave” side panels. New Medalist Series options include dramatically distinctive frameless windows and heavier duty feed doors.

Enhancements made to Featherlite’s standard features include a new rubber hold down that more securely holds the feed door in place when in the down position during hauling. In addition, Featherlite’s “Wave” side panels were enhanced to include a new trim that further completes the distinctive look of these sleek aluminum side panels.

“Styling and convenience were the focal points for the new options and features selected for our 2009 models,” Lewis said.

For more information on the 2009 models available now, see a Featherlite dealer or call (800) 800-1230 for a brochure or go to the Featherlite website at www.fthr.com/tnews

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