Gooseneck Shades

Regardless of where you rope, the one site you always see is people roasting in the hot sun while watching their friends or family competing in the arena. That’s when the idea came to Joseph Godoy to mount his home patio umbrella to the Gooseneck Hitch in his truck. Now, without tools or hardware and in just seconds after the initial installation, team roping observers can mount an umbrella mast to his patent-pending Gooseneck Shades mounting system.

The first mount fits B&W’s Turnover Ball Hitch system and is used by simply removing the TurnOver Ball, inserting the mount into the receiver, reseting the hitch pin and opening the umbrella. It’s instant shade at any outdoor event, whether it is at the lake, a child’s football game or at a tailgating party. This product allows users to have a clear view over the arena fence while enjoying the cooling shade that our Gooseneck Shade Mounting System will provide in the bed of their truck.

After the initial, launch they will continue to offer more models. Note the photo is optimized for lighting purposes and not shade.

For more information, visit or directly at Gooseneck Shades, LLC, PO Box 1120, Stanfield, AZ 85272, or call (520) 424-3417.

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