Professional's Choice Launches Equisential Product Line

Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products Inc., inventor of the authentic Sports Medicine Boot widely used throughout the equine industry, presented their new Equisential product line, which offers the knowledge and technology synonymous with Professional’s Choice at a lower price point.

“We’ve eliminated some of the bells and whistles from our core products to offer quality we can be proud of at a price that anyone can afford,” said owner, Dal Scott. Among the products pioneering the new product line are the work pads, winter blankets, hay bags, and fly masks.

The Equisential Work Pad is made with a durable 600 denier fabric top and features suede wear leathers to increase durability. Layered wool felt center provides shock absorption, and the soft fleece bottom helps wick away moisture. The felt core is contoured at the leg area to allow for closer contact with the horse and a better feel.

A winter blanket, hay bag and fly masks round out the product line.

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