Ready to Roll into the Summer Run

This is the time of year when we’re on our summer run. Because I live in the Southwest, it’s about a four-month leave from home for me. I take off for Reno and the BFI in June, which is a really big week, and away we go. It’s nice to win when you first leave for the summer. I’ve done it both ways. I’ve not won anything, and that’s not a good start. Then I’ve done good in Reno, at the roping and the rodeo, and it just seems like your summer gets going good. You can either be on a roll and doing good or you can be struggling to win. But everybody’s aiming to draw good and rope good. There are a bunch of good rodeos over the Fourth of July run, and it’s a chance to really climb up in the standings. Jake and I try to go to five or six of the best ones. When we come home from the spring run out in California, we get to stay around home in May and early June a little to prepare for the summer swing. We get to practice and make sure our horses are right, and try to be sharp and ready when Reno, the Fourth of July, Salinas and Cheyenne start to click off right down the line.

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