Rebuilding After a Disappointing NFR with Kolton Schmidt

Kolton Schmidt is sticking to his fundamentals and staying hooked.

Addressing What Happened

I’ve had bad weeks before, and when that happens, it’s just not our week. Four steers cut in front of my throw, which was extremely difficult. And the other ones, my horse wasn’t leaving completely flat and I was getting a funny go. Honestly, I didn’t realize that at the time, and someone pointed it out to me after the fact. It made a lot of sense.

The Score: Season 2, Episode 8: Kolton Schmidt


My wife and I had a honeymoon booked for after our wedding this fall, but COVID-19 caused it to be rescheduled for after the Finals. The first few days were really fun and much needed, but by the last day, I was ready to get home and back to roping.

Talking It Out

I dang sure knew I didn’t do my best, and Hunter (Koch) didn’t feel like he did, either. We agreed that we know we’re capable, and we’re carrying on. I’ve made the mistake of changing everything after a bad week before, and so we’re not doing that this time. We’re staying hooked.

The Feeding Program with Kolton Schmidt 

Back at It

I addressed the way my horse was leaving by doing a lot of walk-scoring. But otherwise, we’ve been practicing like we always do—working on our horses and our fundamentals and being intentional about our practice. I bought another horse, and I’m feeling good about him, too. For the last two weeks, it feels like we’ve been to a jackpot every day, and things are clicking. I am just ready to rodeo again.

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