REIST Industries™ MultiGroomer

Whether it is during a break in the middle of a high profile show or part of the daily chores at a training facility, proper grooming of the footing is essential and cannot be rushed—but it can be done efficiently.

The REIST Industries’ MultiGroomer efficiently grooms the footing using three different tools in a single time-saving pass. It renovates and conditions conventional footings by scarifying the compacted surface, while eliminating high spots and filling in the low points. Finally, it compacts the surface to the desired density, leaving an attractive pattern finish as the end result. Accomplishing more in one pass not only means the conditioning is done faster, it means the operator has more time to ensure the job is done right.

Starting with a rugged design, refined through years of experience building equipment, the REIST MultiGroomer is built with a solid perimeter frame design that incorporates heavy-duty side rub rails. More importantly, this design provides the structural integrity for years of service without the fear of misalignment caused by twisting, regardless of the amount of use.

To ensure that the footing is uniformly tilled, a groomer must be able to cut through compacted footing without disturbing the underlying base. The REIST MultiGroomer uses a double row of rigid, wear resistant ripper teeth, spaced 4″ apart to effortlessly loosen compacted footing. The ripper penetration is easily adjustable to a working depth of up to 4″ and without the use of tools, speeding set up when the MultiGroomer is used alternately on different surfaces. Two guide wheels positioned inside the perimeter frame ensures that the set depth is not exceeded.

Once the hard packed areas are eliminated, a double row of spring tines mix and evenly distribute the loosened footing. The angle or pitch of the spring tines are adjustable, and the depth is adjusted through a manual ratchet or an optional hydraulic cylinder. This allows the operator to quickly adjust the MultiGroomer to suit the footing material and achieve the desired grooming finish. The MultiGroomer can be fitted with a ‘saw tooth’ leveler in place of the front row of spring tines to maximize the leveling effect on sand footings.

Once the footings are mixed and evenly distributed, they need to be packed to the proper specification. Using an innovative 12″ diameter roller bar, the MultiGroomer both pulverizes and packs to the desired density. Made of 5/8″ thick round bars for long life, the MultiGroomer’s roller bar leaves an attractive pattern finish for a professional look.

The REIST MultiGroomer is offered in 4’ to 10’ widths to match either the facility size or the available tractor. Combine the on-board adjustments with the numerous factory options that are available and the MultiGroomer can be configured to your facility’s needs, increasing its versatility and utilization.

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