Riding an Offensive Corner with Ryan Motes
Catching two feet faster means being in position faster. That comes with riding a more offensive, rather than defensive, corner. As jackpots get tougher, heelers need to get their horses in position to get separation faster.

1) From the start heelers need to work on getting to their position. Especially at the jackpots, heelers need to spend their time going down the arena feeding their ropes and getting their rope speeds up to be able to take their shots faster, rather than worrying about hazing. 

2) Into the corner heelers should be tighter and higher without crawling over top of the steer. To do that you need to be able to trust your horse with your left hand down on his neck rather than up and pulling back. 

3) Separation is key. It puts your bottom strand down on the ground. To get good separation, you have to ride all the way to your position. You need to get to that spot either as the switch is happening to get separation and throw on the first jump or get there on the first jump and get that separation to throw by the second jump. Getting a consistent look at the steer will help you consistently catch.

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Ryan Motes has earned $962,310 since joining the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in 2001. Roping with Aaron Tsinigine, Motes has finished as high as second in the PRCA world standings and lives in Weatherford, Texas, with his wife, Courtney. 

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