Score, Ride, Rope with Tyler Wade
Too many ropers worry about being fast before they worry about riding their horses.

In the box

Everyone watches the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and decides that’s how they’re going to rope. I see ropers at jackpots with their ropes cocked in the box like they’re trying to be 3 when they really need to be 8.

Hold on

Instead of cocking your rope in the box, hold onto the saddle horn and ride your horse across the line so you are in time with your horse and better able to ride to your spot. You can’t get ahead of yourself. If you’re worrying about swinging before scoring and riding your horse, you’ll be behind.

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Speeding up

If you want to be fast, you have to score, get in position faster, and get closer to the barrier-not reach. Speeding up comes from muscle memory and perfection. You can’t skip steps.

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