Score Sharp with Riley Minor
If you’re trying to get to the next level, you’ve got to practice harder, learn to ride your horse better, and score sharper.


I went to a World Series Roping the other day. I don’t get to go to too many of them, so I have trouble managing the start sometimes. I really wish I’d have worked on having my horse more in my hand, so as soon as I dropped my hand, we’re leaving because the start happens so quick.


If he’s on a loose rein, sometimes the horse isn’t getting out of there fast enough. It’s so different than what we’re used to rodeoing. You want to have your horse in your hand and almost pulling against you. You want them gone as soon as you drop your rein. Bob, my good horse, is great everywhere because, if you give him an inch with the bridle reins, he takes a mile. Other horses I have require a little tuning to get them working like that.


I’m heavy handed. That’s not great, so I always go for a little lighter bit. At home, you can even pull on your horse in a snaffle in the box. Chad Masters once told me that you can hold them snug and pet themÑthat will let them know it’s all right that you’re pulling because obviously if he’s not use to it, he’s not going to love it. I want my horse scoring like that at the rodeo, too. You still need them in your hand. That move is so quick, you want them almost trying to go. n

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