The Redline: Fast Back's New Rope


Fast Back Ropes are known for having body and action?sometimes to the degree that lower-numbered ropers aren’t comfortable with them. In response to that, chief rope maker at Fast Back, Al Benson, created the Natural. The Natural touted a slightly deader feel and accentuated tip feel?and it became very popular.

However, Fast Back sensed that consumers were interested in a rope somewhere in between and that’s how the Redline is different. It combines the feel of the Natural in a smaller and lighter rope.

“We anticipate the Redline will appeal to both headers and heelers,” explains Al Benson. “This rope is made with a unique poly fiber developed specifically for the Redline.”

The four-strand is, obviously, red in color, and the head rope is 31 feet long and comes in XXS, XS, S, MS lays. The heel version is 35 feet long and comes in S, MS, M, HM

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