Windbreaker Turn-Out Blanket

Classic Equine introduces the new Windbreaker Turn-Out Sheet. Heavier than a nylon sheet and much lighter than an insulation-filled winter blanket, the new Windbreaker solves the age old problem of whether to blanket or not to blanket during the months when the weather could change without notice. Because the Windbreaker is waterproof, it is perfect for those cool spring days when wind, rain or a drastic drop in temperature is eminent. The Windbreaker is light weight, but made of a 600-denier rip-stop material that makes it perfect for enduring the rigors of the pasture, plus the Knight Vision™ reflective strip allows you to easily locate your horses in low light conditions. Helps keep your horses clean, dry and comfortable during those mild and rainy times of year. Visit to learn more and to locate a dealer nearest you.

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