Young Guns: The World Championship Dummy Roping


The World Championship Dummy Roping has been a Las Vegas fixture for 20 years. Held in the Priefert Arena at the Sands Convention Center’s Stetson Country Christmas, the event draws in hundreds of eager young ropers competing for buckles, saddles and more. The pros show up in force with their kids, and some NFR qualifiers and World Champs are on hand to help out. We spoke with six top ropers who frequent the WCDR to get their best tips on preparing for the spotlight in Vegas.

When: Starting at 10 a.m., Dec. 11 (Ages 6 & Under), Dec. 12 (Ages 7-9) and Dec. 13 (Ages 10-12)
Where: Priefert Arena, Stetson Country Christmas at the Sands Convention Center

Ryan Motes

Regular WCDR host

“Get practiced up and be ready. Make sure you can catch before you start learning to reach. You’ve got to catch standing close in the first round before you start moving back, so work on your consistency first.”

Trevor Brazile

Son Treston and daughter Style are regular WCDR contestants, 2014 Host

“When you get there, everyone is practicing and reaching. They’ve all got different styles. Don’t change what you’re doing the day of the roping because you see everyone else roping a certain way. Stick with your loop.”

Clay Tryan

Sons Tyler and Braylon are regular WCDR contestants

“Have the right rope. To do well, you’re going to have to reach, so you’ll need a rope that’s long enough. Fast Back makes a rope called the Bottle Rocket that is ¼-inch in diameter and 31 feet long, so it’s as long as a regular rope but still small enough for a kid to control it.”

Anthony Lucia

Emcee and organizer of WCDR

“Focus and practice under high-pressure situations. You’ll be on a stage roping the Smarty or the Mojo Horns in front of a big crowd. It can be hard to focus on your rope and the dummy with all of that going on, so practice situations like that at home and learn to really focus on the horns.”

Spencer Mitchell

1995 and 1997 WCDR Champion

“Don’t get in a hurry. Stop and take one good deep breath before you do anything. Give yourself enough time and make sure everything is correct. Then just rope like you know how.”

Cesar de la Cruz

First-time WCDR parent in 2014

“This is going to be the most fun you’ll have in Vegas. Try to meet all of the other kids, because you might be roping against them at the NFR someday and you’ll probably see these kids roping for the rest of your life. So just make sure to enjoy it.”

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