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The Big Leap: Martinez and Lowe Win Ariat WSTR #10.5 Mega-Qualifier from 11th Callback

Frank Martinez and Richard Lowe took home $28,440 after winning the Ariat World Series of Team Roping's #10.5 Mega-Qualifier in Wickenburg, Arizona.

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Grand Canyon State Cowboy Heroes

In more recent times, the list of successful, lifelong Arizona native team ropers has included the likes of Derrick Begay, Cesar de la Cruz, Chance Kelton, Erich Rogers, Colter Todd and Aaron Tsinigine. It’d be easy to add a guy like 2017 World Champion Heeler Cory Petska, who lives in Marana, only this particular list is comprised only of natives. Like every cowboy kid, they all grew up with heroes from their home turf—in this case, Arizona cactus country.

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Old West Cowboy Ropers Receive Rodeo Hall of Fame Induction

Inducted into the 2020 Rodeo Hall of Fame are Arizona’s John and Thomas Rhodes—father and son ropers who laid the groundwork for what team roping would one day become.

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Ready to Buy a Place in AZ? Here’s What You Need to Know.

What you need to know about looking for property in Arizona.

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Arizona’s Snowbirds Part III

Whether they got there early in life or after retirement, Arizona's snowbirds know how to have a good time in and out of the arena.

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Roper’s Reprieve: Arizona’s Cowboy-Friendly Golf Cours­es

Snowbirds and locals alike have favorite courses, and we tapped some Arizona regulars to find out where the cowboy-friendly cours­es are and why they fit the bill.

Team Roping Gear, Horses & Cattle

Horse Travel 101: Your Arizona-Travel Checklist

Before you load up and head to the Arizona desert for wintertime fun, make sure your rig is ready for the trek, and pack the necessities so nothing spoils the fun.

Editor's Notes

Team Roping Paradise: A Look Inside the 2020/2021 Arizona Guide

Take a peek at the Dear Roper letter inside the Winter 2020/2021 Arizona Guide.


Time of Your Life: The Team Roping Journal’s Winter 2020/2021 Complete Guide to Arizona

A complete guide in team roping paradise for the time of your life in Arizona.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score: Season 3, Episode 4 with the Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Pro Classic Open Champions Clay and Chase Tryan

Clay and Chase Tryan won the Mike Cervi Jr. Memorial Pro Classic Open after roping five head in 32.23 seconds, worth $16,622 a man, brought to you by Fast Back Ropes.

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