Circuit Standings
378 COleby Payne
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Payne Takes Driver's Seat in Texas Circuit Heeling
275 Stewart-Smith
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Stewart and Smith Clinch Pendleton Win
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: The Minors, Rahlmann and VonAhn, and Williams Continue to Lead Their Circuits
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Ellensburg and Walla Walla Money Shakes Up Columbia River Standings; Rahlmann and VonAhn Pull Away with Great Lakes Circuit and MORE
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Travis Tryan Takes No. 1 in Montana Circuit; Dawson McMaster Nudges Hawkins out of No. 1 and MORE
247 Cesar delaCruz
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Tryan Takes Over Montana Circuit Standings; de la Cruz Leaps to Seventh in Columbia River Circuit and MORE
Coy Rahlmann-Ryan Von Ahn 8-9-19  Sikeston Mo P Kitts -14841
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Rahlmann and VonAhn Launch Ahead in Great Lakes Circuit; Proctor Continues to Move Forward with Prairie Circuit Lead; Hall Takes Over the Lead in the Turquoise Circuit AND MORE
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Sherwood Launches to Fourth in Winderness Circuit; Bird Heads North In Sights for Montana Circuit Year-End Title; Proctor Takes Lead in Prairie Circuit
Pro Rodeo Circuit Update: Whinnery and Murphy Win Eagle; The Minor Brothers Win Joseph, Oregon and MORE
Circuit Standings Update: Kirchenschlager Jumps to First in Mountain States; The Bonnett's Win Teepee Creek and More