Cody Doescher
Cody Doescher Timed Event Championship
Home-Field Advantage
Reigning Champ Cody Doescher Gets *THIRD Straight* Round 2 Win at 2024 Cinch Timed Event Championship
Cody Doescher Calf Roping James Phifer Photo
Cinch Timed Event Championship Purse Climbs to $210K; Adds Five More Contestants to Celebrate 40th Anniversary
Cody Doescher Calf Roping James Phifer Photo
Cody Doescher is Oklahoma's First-Ever Cinch Timed Champion.
Cody Doescher
Here's Who to Watch in TIGHT Round 5 Cinch Timed Event Championship Race.
Cody Doescher Heeling
Doescher Gets Round 2, Rookie Wakefield Pulls Ahead in CTEC 2023 Average Race
Erich Rogers Cinch Timed Event Championship
Doescher Takes Round 2, Rogers Jumps to Lead on 10 Head at 2022 Cinch Timed Event Championship
Cody Doescher’s Post-Timed Event Knee Surgery Postponed by Coronavirus
1PRCA Spencer Mitchell - Cody Doescher 3
Pro Rodeo Results Wrap-Up: Don't Count Mitchell Out Just Yet
Pro Rodeo Results Wrap-Up: Mitchell Wins $12,980; Smith and Corkill Win RMV Rodeo AND MORE
The Short Score: April 23 with Cody Doescher