Here’s Who to Watch in TIGHT Round 5 Cinch Timed Event Championship Race.
The Cinch Timed Event Championship ends with Round 5 March 4 at 7 p.m., with Cody Doescher, Riley Wakefield and Russell Cardoza in the hunt.
Cody Doescher
Cody Doescher

Cody Doescher leads a tight race heading into the fifth and final round of the 2023 Cinch Timed Event with an aggregate time of 250.3 seconds on 20 head, just 7.2 seconds ahead of Riley Wakefield and 9.0 seconds ahead of Russell Cardoza.

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In fourth, Nelson Wyatt is only 34.2 seconds behind Doescher, while Lane Karney is at a 293.1 on 20 at fifth. Here’s the rundown:

Cody Doescher: 250.3 seconds on 20 head

The Oklahoma native Doescher, 33, is gunning to be the first Sooner State Cowboy to win the Cinch Timed Event Championship in the Lazy E event’s 39-year history.

“I’m just trying to stick to my game, take deep breaths and relax,” Doescher, 33, said. “I don’t want to change anything or worry about the rounds at all. I’ve drawn good, and I need to keep drawing good and finish. I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch.”

Doescher has only won $12,500 in his 9 previous CTEC attempts, but he’s already picked up $5,000 in 2023 after a Round 2 win and finishing second with a 51.6 in Round 4 to set himself up for the Round 5 showdown.

“Relaxing and trusting myself has been the biggest difference maker, and letting my preparation take over,” Doescher said. “I try to go back there and talk, and help guys if they need help. Just treating it normal, because if I treat this different, I get worked up. I just need to treat it like a normal rodeo.”

Doescher’s had the help of NFR heeler Douglas Rich on both ends, with Rich having done a stand-out job in an impressive field of helpers made up of guys like Kaleb Driggers and Paul Eaves.

Riley Wakefield: 257.5 seconds on 20 head (+7.2 seconds)

Wakefield led through Rounds 3 and 4, until a slip up in the heading put him behind Doescher—though he still hasn’t taken a 60. It’s Wakefield’s first CTEC, and the 26-year-old Nebraskan all-around hand has barely bobbled. He’s yet to win a go-round, but he’s been unshakeable with CJ DeForest on the head side.

Russell Cardoza: 259.3 seconds on 20 head (+9.0 seconds)

Cardoza is in his 11th CTEC, and the veteran has won $101,000 before this year—without having won the coveted title. He was third in 2022, and he won Round 1 to add another $3,000 to his total. Cardoza has been spending more time at home riding horses and less time rodeoing in 2023, so his preparation is top notch this year. Coleman Proctor is heading and heeling for Cardoza, and Proctor is comfortable in big-money situations having won the largest check in team roping history at The American with Ryan Motes, worth $433,333 in 2018.

Nelson Wyatt: 284.5 on 20 head (+30.2 seconds)

Wyatt got the call to come to the Lazy E for the CTEC just two weeks ago, but the 29-year-old header has been gunning for a shot for five years. His performance has been top-notch, including an aggressive heading, heeling and tie-down run in Round 4. Wyatt took one 60 in the entire event—in the bull dogging in Round 1—but since then he’s been steady as can be. He’s got the help of Chase Tryan on the heel side, and Coy Rahlmann is having fun heading for Wyatt.

Lane Karney: 293.1 on 20 head (+42.8 seconds)

Karney hasn’t made much noise, but he hasn’t had many bobbles, either. He roped solid in Round 4 and watched as others slipped up, allowing him to climb from 10th at the start of the performance to fifth by the conclusion of the fourth round.

No. 5-15:

5. Lane Karney 293.1 seconds

6. Paul David Tierney 303.7 seconds

7. KC Jones 304.0 seconds

8. Erich Rogers 319.0 seconds

9. Marcus Theriot 319.2 seconds

10. Clayton Hass 320.5 seconds

11. Kyle Lockett 334.2 seconds

12. Jess Tierney 339.4 seconds

13. Colby Lovell 339.7 seconds

14. Justin Thigpen 341.3 seconds

15. Seth Hall 342.5 seconds

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