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Reigning Champ Cody Doescher Gets *THIRD Straight* Round 2 Win at 2024 Cinch Timed Event Championship
Cody Doescher is 147.8 to sit sixth in the average on 10, while he wins Round 2 with a 57.7, worth $3,000.
Cody Doescher Timed Event Championship
Cody Doescher wins Round 2 of the Cinch Timed Event Championship in 2024. | James Phifer Photo

Cody Doescher, Cinch Timed Event Championship reigning titlist, won his third consecutive Round 2 title, worth $3,000, for a time of 57.7 seconds on five head, moving him to sixth in the average after 10 head with a time of 147.8 seconds in the Lazy E Arena.

Doescher was ninth heading into the second round after a time of 90.1 seconds on the first five.

“I just kind of had to try to take one run at a time,” Doescher, 33, of Webber Falls, Oklahoma, said. “I drew good today. You know, my tripping steer, he tried me a little bit, but other than that, I just kind of tried to be smart to barrier and just try to do what I do and not change nothing.”

Doescher has essentially the same team of horses and helpers this year as he did last year, save for the head horse and hazing horse, and though he sold his heel horse, he’s borrowed her back just for the Lazy E’s Ironman event.

Cody Doescher Cinch Timed Event Championship
Cody Doescher winning Round 2 of the 2024 Cinch Timed Event Championship. | James Phifer Photo


Hill Rodeo Cattle’s strong pen of steers has taken more cowboys out with 60s than usual in 2024, and the format—that cut five men after Round 2 and will send five more home after Round 4—has changed some competitors’ game plan.

“You know, there’s kind of two ways that you can think about it,” Doescher said. “One way is make sure you’re just trying to make the cut, and the other way is why I kind of try to look at it as just not worried about the cut. If I do my job on all my steers and every round, then I don’t have to worry about the cut. I focus on the end result instead of just getting by.”

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Two-time Cinch Timed Event Champ Paul David Tierney—who also holds the record for the fastest time ever on 25 head at 267.9 seconds—leads the average on 10 head after being a 75.3 in Round 1 and a 58.7 in Round 2 to win second in the day money and $2,000.

Round 3 begins at 7 p.m. Friday, March 1, preceded by Round 2 of the JR Ironman. Round 4 is at noon on Saturday, March 2, while Round 3 of the JR Ironman starts at 5 p.m. March 2. The event wraps with Round 5 of the Cinch Timed Event Championship Saturday at 7 p.m. The entire event is free to stream on Roping.com.

2024 Cinch Timed Event Championship Results

Round One Results

  1. Clayton Hass, 55.7 seconds $3,000
  2. Kolton Schmidt, 66 seconds $2,000
  3. Dylan Hancock, 68.5 seconds $1,000
  4. Thomas Smith, 69.5 seconds
  5. Nelson Wyatt, 71.9 seconds
  6. Paul David Tierney, 75.3 seconds
  7. Russell Cardoza, 75.8 seconds
  8. Blane Cox, 75.9 seconds
  9. Erich Rogers, 80.5 seconds
  10. Cody Doescher, 90.1 seconds
  11. Billy Good, 91.3 seconds
  12. Cade Rice, 96.7 seconds
  13. Jess Tierney, 106.7 seconds
  14. Roger Nonella, 110.2 seconds
  15. Seth Hall, 110.4 seconds
  16. Tyler Pearson, 110.6 seconds
  17. Riley Wakefield, 119.1 seconds
  18. Justin Thigpen, 120.5 seconds
  19. Eli Lord, 125.3 seconds
  20. K.C. Jones, 137.4 seconds
  21. Colby Lovell, 137.8 seconds
  22. Brushton Minton, 141.8 seconds
  23. Jake Clay, 144 seconds
  24. Marcus Theriot, 158.5 seconds
  25. Cole Patterson, 160.3 seconds

Round Two Results (total on five head)

  1. Cody Doescher, 57.7 seconds, $3,000
  2. Paul David Tierney, 58.7 seconds, $2,000
  3. Brushton Minton, 61.5 seconds, $1,000
  4. Nelson Wyat, 66 seconds
  5. Russell Cardoza, 70.4 seconds
  6. Marcus Theriot, 71.1 seconds
  7. Erich Rogers, 72 seconds
  8. Thomas Smith, 72.8 seconds
  9. Dylan Hancock, 73.6 seconds
  10. Cole Patterson, 74.6 seconds
  11. K.C. Jones, 75.8 seconds
  12. Jess Tierney, 77.6 seconds
  13. Tyler Pearson, 79.2 seconds
  14. Blane Cox, 80.7 seconds
  15. Cade Rice, 83.7 seconds 
  16. Seth Hall, 112.5 seconds
  17. Jake Clay, 113.9 seconds
  18. Roger Nonella, 114.5 seconds
  19. Billy Good, 114.7 seconds
  20. Eli Lord, 116.5 seconds
  21. Colby Lovell, 118.2 seconds
  22. Justin Thigpen, 136.2 seconds
  23. Clayton Hass, 146.2 seconds
  24. Kolton Schmidt, 154.3 seconds
  25. Riley Wakefield, 154.7 seconds

Aggregate After Round 2 (total on 10 head)

  1. Paul David Tierney  134 seconds
  2. Nelson Wyatt 137.9 seconds
  3. Dylan Hancock, 142.1 seconds
  4. Thomas Smith, 142.4 seconds
  5. Russell Cardoza, 146.2 seconds
  6. Cody Doescher, 147.8 seconds 
  7. Erich Rogers, 152.5 seconds
  8. Blane Cox, 156.6 seconds
  9. Cade Rice, 180.4 seconds
  10. Jess Tierney, 184.3 seconds
  11. Tyler Pearson, 189.8 seconds
  12. Clayton Hass, 201.9 seconds
  13. Brushton Minton, 203.3 seconds
  14. Billy Good, 206 seconds
  15. K.C. Jones, 213.2 seconds
  16. Kolton Schmidt, 220.3 seconds
  17. Seth Hall, 222.9 seconds
  18. Roger Nonella, 224.7 seconds 
  19. Marcus Theriot, 229.6 seconds
  20. Cole Patterson, 234. Seconds

Contestants Not Advancing to Round 3

  1. Eli Lord, 241.8 seconds
  2. Colby Lovell, 256 seconds
  3. Justin Thigpen, 256.7 seconds
  4. Jake Clay, 257.9 seconds
  5. Riley Wakefield, 273.8 seconds
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