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Heeler Horsemanship Trevor Brazile


The Heeler’s Struggles

I saw an online survey asking ropers what their No. 1 struggle is on the heel side. The most common answer was position, but I have an amendment to that.


Team Ropers

What Makes a Winner: Heeler’s Edition

In the lower divisions, what specific skills separate the consistent winners from the rest of the pack? We surveyed the industry’s leaders and top producers for their seasoned perspectives. 

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Trouble-Shooting Box Issues with Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager

Brad Lund and Dakota Kirchenschlager trouble-shoot box issues on both head and heel horses.

Resistol Rookie Heelers

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2022 Resistol Rookie Heeler Race Remains Undecided in Final Stretch

With a handful of rodeos left on their schedules, the top two Resistol Rookie heelers—Junior Zambrano and Blaine Turner—are staying focused on their end-of-year goals.

Jake Edwards

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New York Heeler Edwards Has Lost the Weight of a Whole Human

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Heeling Donkeys Part 2: What Makes a Good Heeling Donkey

What makes a good heeling donkey?

As a header, I judge my handles on how easy I make it on my heeler. TRJ File Photo


Handling Steers & Helping Your Heeler

Jake Barnes on the importance of handling steers well.


Ryan Motes’ Step-By-Step Heel Horse Box Work Tips

With more and more people training and riding young horses, it’s important for us to be aware of how we handle those young horses in the box. There are tried-and-true strategies for keeping your young heel horses comfortable and calm in the box that will let you do your job as a heeler and keep your horses working for years to come.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

The DEFINITIVE List of 2021 NFR Qualifying Heel Horses and Their Bloodlines

This year's NFR-qualifying heel horses are dripping with cow-sense and bred to do their jobs.

Rodeo Road

Tucker White Stays Hooked in Badlands Circuit

Tucker White fine tunes his roping for the Badlands Circuit Standings home stretch.

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