Trade Secrets: The Ropes the Top 15 *Heelers* Will Use in Las Vegas

The 2022 top 15's heel rope selection is dominated by one company and one rope, while two others battle it out for representation among the best in the world.

The PRCA’s top 15 heelers’ rope selection in 2022 is a far more lop-sided when it comes to rope preference than their heading counterparts.

While one rope has the dominant edge on the field when it comes to numbers, two other companies also will have their patches on heelers in the arena in 2022.

Here’s the NFR heelers’ rope-choice analysis to start:

  • Joseph Harrison is the only heeler not dead-set on his rope choice for Round 1. He’s deciding between his two favorites: the XR4 Lite and the Powerline Lite HM by Classic. Coincidentally, his header, Chad Masters, is also undecided on his Cactus Rope selection. They’re the only two without a certain choice.
  • The Powerline Lite will make nine (maybe 10, if Harrison picks that rope) trips each night inside the Thomas & Mack.
  • Of the 10 using the Powerline Lite, Travis Graves is the only going for a MH, and Jonathan Torres is the only one using a M.
  • Classic Ropes have won $1.2 million for the 10 men in the top 15 who used them so far in 2022.
  • Jake Long is second in the world standings using the Cactus Mojo MH with $130,331.68, including the RodeoHouston win with Clay Tryan and the epic late-season comeback he mounted with Clay Smith. Levi Lord also goes with the MH, but he picks the Cactus Thrilla.
  • Patrick Smith is the lone Lone Star endorsee on the heelers’ list and the only one opting for a M lay.

Looking for the headers’ rope choices? Find them here.

So, What Ropes Will Each of the Top 15 Use?

World Standings Contestant Pre-NFR EarningsRope CompanyRopeLay
1Junior Nogueira$227,877.85ClassicPowerline  LiteHM
2Jake Long$130,331.68CactusMojo MH
3Buddy Hawkins$123,076.33ClassicPowerline LiteHM
4Jade Corkill$110,855.24ClassicPowerline LiteHM
5Logan Medlin $110,691.37CactusFutureMH
6Patrick Smith$107,368.21Lone StarThunderbirdM
7Travis Graves$106,736.86ClassicPowerline Lite MH
8Jeremy Buhler$100,214.32ClassicPowerline LiteHM
9Levi Lord$97,443.12CactusThrilla MH
10Trey Yates$95,010.73ClassicPowerline LiteHM
11Joseph Harrison$92,115.14ClassicXR4 Lite/Powerline LiteHM
12Wesley Thorp$91,842.70ClassicNV4HM
13Brady Minor$89,022.28ClassicPowerline LiteHM
14Brye Crites$86,409.74ClassicPowerline LiteHM
15Jonathan Torres$82,967.95ClassicPowerline LiteM

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