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Spurs: When & How to Use Them

Trevor Brazile applies an ALWAYS method to riding with spurs. Here are his thoughts on how and when to use them.

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Trevor Brazile: When and How to Use Your Feet

Knowing where your feet are hitting your horse and how to use them is part of upping your horsemanship and your horse's heading game.

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Caveman Returns (AGAIN): Corkill’s Horse of the Year Back With a Vengeance

Jade Corkill cracked out Caveman—the bay horse who helped build his career in the early 2010s—after a series of injuries kept the horse on the injury reserve for much of his life.

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Halter-Broke to NFR-Ready: 5 Top Cowboys Who’ve Made Their Good Ones from Start to Finish

Only a handful of cowboys have ever taken their own colt or filly all the way.

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The Thing About Switchenders with Trevor Brazile

Trevor Brazile answers fans question about switchender horsepower.

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Futrell Makes Minor Changes to Surge Into ProRodeo’s Final 2020 Push

Clay Futrell is making minor changes to his heel horse as he heads into the last few weeks of the 2020 ProRodeo season with hopes of finishing the year in the top 15.


Free Your Horse Up with Trevor Brazile

If your horse is checking off too soon, first take a hard look at yourself and your gear.


The Team Roper’s Warm-Up Routine (Yes, You Should Go Right, Too)

Trevor Brazile breaks down how he prepares his horses on the day of competition, the feel and responsiveness he wants,


Mirroring Your Horse’s Body Position with Joseph Harrison

Maximize control of your horse and let him work by allowing your body to mirror his throughout a run.


4 Tips for What to Do When Your Horse Stops Working with Jake Long

If your good horse stops working, and you’re not out on the road rodeoing, your first call should be to your vet.

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