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The Next Level: How Brazile Asks a Young Horse to Step Up

How the 25-time World Champion Trevor Brazile takes a green head horse to the next level.


Maintaining the Head Horse with Clay Tryan

Clay Tryan is a consistent top-five header and perennial threat for the world title. His secret? Good horses. After his great horse Thumper was retired, he broke out two new greats: Cate, a sorrel mare, and Dew, a bay gelding. His success rides on their performance, so here a few of his tips for keeping head horses sound and working solid.


Disciplined Horsemanship: Disciplining Yourself to Regain A Horse’s Composure

Disciplining yourself is key to regaining your horse’s composure in the box.

Tyler Wade


Mid-Roping Horsemanship Fix with Tyler Wade

Tyler Wade shares tips on how to adjust your horsemanship mid-roping if your horse gets short.


Brazile: Why Bits Matter in the Box, and How to Choose One Wisely

In this month's Relentless Insights, 24-time World Champion Trevor Brazile breaks down how he chooses a bit that fits each horse.

Team Roping News

Dahozy and Woodard Build Momentum with California Rodeo Salinas Win

Brooks Dahozy and Walt Woodard picked up steam on their summer run with a win at the famous California Rodeo Salinas, to the tune of $8,665 a man.

Dustin Egusquiza

Team Roping Tips

5 Ways Speed Williams is Changing Dustin Egusquiza’s Heading Game

How Speed Williams is adjusting Dustin Egusquiza's horsemanship, and, in turn, his roping.

Famous Dillon

Team Roping News

The Appaloosa That Won the Bob Feist Invitational

How JR Dees won the BFI on an 8-year-old registered Appaloosa named Famous Dillon, by the great AQHA stallion Lions Share of Fame.

"The Score" Podcast

The Score: Season 2, Episode 10: Rhen Richard

Richard chats with host Chelsea Shaffer about horsemanship, horse care, sports and more.


Adding Intensity with Trevor Brazile

How to Introduce Intensity to Your Horses Throughout Their Training.

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