Mirroring Your Horse’s Body Position with Joseph Harrison
Maximize control of your horse and let him work by allowing your body to mirror his throughout a run.

In the Saddle 

I like to sit down toward the front of my saddle, with my feet to the bottom of my stirrups with my toes up. I’ve got a hold of my stirrups because I ride my stirrups pretty short. I feel like I have better balance if my stirrups are short. From here, I’ll put my body in the position I want my horse in through the corner. 

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Mirrored Position 

I like to ride with my body in the same shape as my horse. That means I want myself bent in the middle, with my left leg and my left shoulder to the cow. My ribs and everything are kind of arched in a position away from the cow a little bit. What that does is—my left leg is off of him—it opens the door for his hips and everything to come to my left leg, and if I have my reins in my hand picked up, then it has his nose going the direction of his left leg and his left hip—which is exactly what’s going on in this picture. 

Controlling Your Horse’s Shoulders and Hips with Joseph Harrison

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The End Result 

That’s the frame that I’m trying to get every heel horse that I ride in through the turn because you have the most control with them in that frame, and they have the most balance.

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